Where Has Summer Gone?

This summer has flown by, just like last school year. You make a huge to-do list, and barely anything gets done on the list. All though we made lots of memories to cherish!

Your family gets so busy with Summer camp, VBS, going Geocaching a few times to get away from the house, one kid working for a neighbor, going to Church, Little man starting Professional Training on his dirt bike, unexpected broken collarbone from wrecking the dirt bike, to lots of doctor appointments for the broken collarbone. It has been run run run all summer.

This momma is ready for a normal schedule, a normal routine!!

So here we are two weeks before going back to school. This week we start the dreaded task of starting to get up early each morning till we reach the time that we need up to leave for school! Ugh!! No more sleeping in!! The kiddos are not happy about this at all!

Now is crunch time!! Bedrooms need deep cleaned. Closets need cleaned out and organized. School supplies still needs bought. Bedtime routines need started and continued! Morning routines need to start.

Even though only a few things got done on our very long to-do list, I remind myself everyday…

“You are not a procrastinator! You are raising a family first! There will always be tomorrow and if tomorrow never comes that is ok because you spent time with the ones you love the most!”

So take a big deep breath and enjoy what little bit of time you have left of the summer! Remember to always enjoy the little things!


“Our Family Blessings” Series: Little Free Library

Have you heard about the Little Free Libraries that are popping up in towns all across the United States and world?

Little Free Library is the world’s largest neighborhood book exchange. All you have to do is take a book and share a book!! What a great way to share the love of reading with in your community!!

Go check out their website to learn more about them. Link is below:👇


Our family didn’t know about this great opportunity, until here just recently! We just so happen to have one in our little country town! What better way to donate books that we have already enjoyed!!

The children had a great time going through all their books to figure out which books they would like to share with other children!!

“It’s a great feeling knowing other children will get to enjoy these as much as I did.” Little Man says.

Little Miss suggests we have to do this all the time. But next time they want to add homemade bookmarks to the books for all to enjoy!

The badge patch that I found to reward them for this great experience is just what I was looking for.

When I was looking into buying patches I come across this great website with great prices!! You all have to check them out!!

Link Below👇


Our whole family is enjoying sharing with our community! We hope that we have inspired you all to do the same!! Read a book!!! Share a book! And then Repeat!!!

Because it’s “Our Family Blessings”!!

“Our Family Blessings” Series

With lots of brain storming with the children we have come up with a great idea to spend the rest of the year doing wonderful things. So we came up with “Our Family Blessings” Series! It’s a mix between donation, volunteering, learning, crafting and having lots of fun!

Here’s what to come:

  • Learning to Leave No Trace Behind
  • Blessing Rocks
  • Donating A School Book Bag
  • Donating to our local Free Pantry
  • Donating books to our Little Library
  • Being a Shelter helper
  • Donating to a local Animal Shelter
  • Going to the Zoo
  • Learning to Make Candles
  • Learning to make Soap
  • Catching Fire Flies in Mason jars
  • Pick up trash along our road
  • Family Camping
  • Camp Fire Safety
  • Pop Can Tab Collection for our local American Legion
  • Box Too Collection for our school
  • Learning to fish
  • Long Bike Ride on a local bike path
  • Outdoor Scavenger Hunt
  • Hiking on local trials
  • Family Picnic
  • Deliver Christmas Cards to our Local Elders
  • Buy for our Local Angel Tree

Before it’s all done and said we will probably be adding more as the time goes on.

To get the children interested in lots of different actives we are going to add Badge Patches to the activities. Once completed and completed well not only will they learn and have fun but they will also have a badge patches that they will be able to attach to their homemade banners to always remember.

So please join us every week along our journey to see what Blessing we have accomplished. Who knows… Maybe little man will share a few posts along the ways as well!!

The Dreaded Chores

Do you have issues in your own home to get you children motivated to help out and do chores that they should be doing?!? Is it always a fight?!? Does the chores never seem to get done?!?

When I was going up I always had a chores list of things to do. And I am hear to tell you… It didn’t kill me!!! So in our household we have chores for everyone. That way it is not all left up to just mom to get things done!

Every summer our family has tried out new chore board ideas to give a boost of getting things done around the house. We have tried the point system, money attached to chores, and rewards. Everyone in the household has always had something assigned to them.

This summer is no different than any other summer. But instead of making a board or a point system I found an app to download from the Google playstore called S’moresUp. It is free to download!

Here below is the link that will take you directly to the app that is on the Google Playstore:


Each person in the house hold downloads the app on to their devices and each person has their own account with in the family account. As you complete a chore you click on the chore and mark done. It automatically adds up the s’mores (which are points) to who ever has done the chore.

There is also a place that you can create rewards. On our Rewards shelf it looks like this:

So far our family is loving this app. The kids get up each morning and do their daily chores that have been assigned to them. Then on Mondays and Fridays (which are our free days at home as of right now) we complete all the big chores like: cleaning the bathrooms, cleaning the living room, cleaning our bedrooms and cleaning the kitchen.

Since there is a bathroom for the children we decided to split the chores in half. One child will have to sweep, mop, and clean the mirror. And the other child will have to take out the trash, clean the toilet, and clean the sink top. Each week they swap back and forth. That way they both will have to do each thing.

The children know that each item in the app is going to be a trial and error. Things can and will be changed if need be. They have had so much fun doing their chores. They look at it now as a game instead of work!

If you are having trouble getting your children to help out around the house make it fun for them. And they will be more willing to help out!

It maybe a learning process for all but stick with it. Just this week we learned that it is hard for the children to put away their clothes because some places they just couldn’t reach. Well that was and easy fix! Move things around so they are able to reach!! Then in the end the children will feel like they are accomplishing a lot. Praise them along the way. If they are not cleaning it to your liking…Don’t get mad!!! Just have a teaching moment!! Show them how to clean it properly!!

Until next time,

Make it fun!

Little Man’s DIY Egg Candle

I don’t keep my love of reading or writing from my family. And it just so happens Little Man enjoys writing too!

He has written short stories about his own Jurassic Park that he is going to build when he is older. So what better way to encourage him along the wonderful journey of writing than to ask him to write blog posts for my blog!

He was so excited!! The creative wheel started right a way. For his first post he decided to share a 5 minute craft that he has seen on YouTube and decided to put his own little twist on it!

(We are not taking the rights away from who ever created/thought up this easy diy craft, but we were unable to find the original owner. So if you happen to know who the individual is we would like to give them the credit that is due!)

Here at Little Calico Farm we have lots of eggs and we use lots of eggs in our everyday life! What a great way to reuse, repurpose and recycle what we already have on hand!

DIY Egg Candle

Written By Little Man

Step #1

Poke a hole in an egg. Dump the egg out and wash the inside.

Step #2

Use some left over yarn and tie to a tooth pick for the wick.


Use a wax burner and melt the smelly wax cubes down.

Step #4

Dip your wick that is attached to the tooth pick in the melted wax so it stiffens up straight.

Step #5

Place the wick inside the hollow egg.

Step #6

Make sure the wick is in the center!

Step #7

Be very careful with the melted wax. Caution:HOT🔥

Pour the melted wax into the hollow egg.


Make sure you wick is still straight up and down.


Place the egg into the freezer to help cool the wax so it can harden.


Break away the shell!


Cut the toothpick away from the wick! Light and enjoy!

Little Man hopes that everyone can do this project!

Busy Start to Summer

I’m not even sure if we should continue to call this season summer. The weather has not been summer weather. 🌧️I think it has rained ☔for like 5 days a week for 3-4 months.⛈️ June is almost over and we have mostly be stuck inside. Ugh! So we just try to push through the gloominess. Even the temperature outside is not our normal June temperatures.

The kids are involved in a summer reading camp that is 3 days a week for 4 weeks. They finished up their first week last week. The fun they have had is a relief. The first day they made lemonade with a 🚴bicycle. On the second day they tie-dyed t-shirts. And on the third day they got to visit with a 🐍 snake, 🐢 turtle and some 🐸frogs.

And it just so happened that we also had a visitor at our home.

Every year I try to plan out our days… But ya know life happens and we never stick to the plans. So I have just embraced the fact that with most things we do or get done we are flying by the seat of our pants. To me there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

We took a well deserved trip to the creek that is located at the back of the property. We walked the whole way there and the whole way back. It was very nice! The kids were excited to look for salamanders and crawdads. But the water was still to cold for my liking.

We did notice on our walk that the berry bushes do have some berries on them. They are not covered like they normally are but we were able to have a little taste.

Little man has been learning how to basic sew. He has been fixing the dog toys, a few of his stuffed animals and a pair of my pj pants that I had an accident in.(Embarrassing moment: Yeap this momma bent over and ripped a big hole in the butt of my pants. We had a great laugh over it. Then he said he would fix it for me.)

Overall it has been a great beginning to the summer.

Some other things that are on our things to do:

  • Go to the Zoo
  • Make homemade Soap
  • Make homemade icecream
  • Take our bikes for a stroll
  • Go to the pool

I hope everyone is having a splendid summer. And if you are not, remember to look at the little things that you might be missing!

Meal planning!

During the summer months I find it much easier to meal plan. With the kiddos being home during the day I have to plan for 3 meals plus snacks (which I did not add to my laid out plan). If you look online you can find lots of templates that you can print off to help you along the way.

But if you are like me (My printer is out of ink and I’m not running to the store today!) then you just hand write it out. Anything is better than nothing right! Plus you are saving money$$$

First I start out with a very basic Pantry Inventory:

I have made it into a flip book of sorts. Just cut colored paper to size and taped it into a line. So all you have to do is flip through the categories to see what you have on hand.

Then on another slip of paper I laid out our week ahead:

Using lined paper and post it notes that I had laying around I mapped out Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!

Don’t make it a task! Don’t over think it! It shouldn’t be too hard! Have fun with it.